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Sukarama 8. Dhriti 9. Shoola Ganda Vridhi Dhruva Vyaghata Harshana Vajra Sidhi Vyatipata Vriyana Paridhi Shiva Sidha Sadhya Shukla Brahma Indra Vaidhriti 5. In each Tithi there are two Karans covering the two halves of the Tithi. There are 11 karnas in total. The other seven are movable Karanas.

No important or new work is done during the period of this karana. Rahukalam: RahuKalam has a very important place in Vedic Astrology as it help in determining the inauspicious time period with in a complete day for starting any new, auspicious or important work.

Hence, this is obvious that it will differ from place to place.

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Rahu Kalam is one and a half hour time each day of a week distributed at random in the week days. Since Rahu Kalam is dependent on the Sun-rise and Sun-set times of your particular location, you must calculate it for any day. Yamagandam: Like Rahu Kalam there are periods known as Yamagandam during which it is considered to be inauspicious to start any important work.

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Secrets of Tithis - Lunar Phases in Vedic Astrology

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  • Hence, 16th tithi is already elapsed and 17th tithi is running for the day, which is Dwitiya in Krishna Paksha or dark half. Each tithi is equal to 0. There are 30 tithis in a month, of which fifteen are bright half shukla paksha , when the Moon moves away from the Sun and fifteen are dark half krishna paksha , when the Moon moves towards the Sun.

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    • The following table shows the tithis and the difference of the longitudes of the Moon and the Sun for easy reference. Tithis are dependent on the net difference of motion of the Moon and the Sun. The speed of the Moon varies from time to time.

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      This resultant motion of the Moon causes sometimes losing of a tithi tithi kshaya or gaining tithi vriddhi at times. Because tithi running at the time of the sunrise has to be taken as the tithi of the day. Tithi Kshaya — A tithi which starts after the sunrise for the day and ends before next sunrise is said to be missed for that fortnight.

      It is called a loss of tithi or tithi kshaya.

      The importance of Tithi Pravesha – The Real Vedic Birthday

      Tithi Vriddhi — A tithi which starts before sunrise and ends after the next sunrise is called tithi vriddhi. Here this tithi will rule for two days in that fortnight.

      enter site Generally, it is to be avoided in all auspicious muhurtas. For muhurta purposes, tithis are classified into five groups. Generally, Rikta tithis as considered inauspicious times. Find below the table with various tithis with their deities. Each tithi is suitable for different kinds of activities. When certain tithis and vara day come together, auspicious or inauspicious yoga is formed. If these tithis and days vara found together, then Siddha Yoga is formed, which is very auspicious. If these tithis and days vara found together, then Mrityu Yoga or Mrita Yoga is formed, which is very inauspicious and should be avoided for auspicious events especially related to the journey.

      It is to be avoided in the auspicious election.