February 5 leo birthday horoscope

The planet that governs yours is Uranus. Its size is what influences your personality. There is a sense of expansiveness and possibility with Uranus. Uranus is a big planet, that is what your personality is also like; very big. It is also mysterious and distant.

While your dreams and visions can be practical, they can stray off into the totally idealistic territory and impractical. You are paired with air as your element. You tend to reflect the necessity of air in your personality. In order to survive, you need air. Air is found all over. When you place all these factors together, you get the boundless quality of air which is then reflected in your optimism, imagination, and ability to work through various problems in your life. Creativity and imagination is an absolute necessity for whatever venture or organization and you can bring it to the table.

Because of your birthday falling on February 5, you tend to make great architects, engineers, and designers. You like turning things that are not really into something real that you can feel, smell, touch, taste and hear. It means that you turn ideas into reality. You know how to solve problems and this means that a lot of your time is committed to seeing this happen.

You will then come up with a solution that will greatly work for you. In case you feel that you are being rushed, it makes you have this feeling that, you are being short-changed and since at some level you are a perfectionist, you feel easily slighted and it is easy for someone to lose loyalty if you have a feeling that you are not being given the resources and latitude you need to truly excel. As long as you have the right resources, you are going to deliver.

Being an Aquarium, it follows that you are a rebel and idealist and it means that, in everything, you strive to be original and special. You are normally overwhelmed by your perseverance, vigor, and stubbornness by which you will succeed in achieving your goals.

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Because you are ruled by Uranus, you are good at computer science and all other related areas so you will work as programmers, computer geniuses and web designers among others. Due to love for freedom, you can end up being a freelancer, or even start your own company since you cannot handle other people ruling over you or giving you commands on what to do. When you are working with other people, you seem to go along well and you enjoy hearing new ideas and proposals.

The problem sets in when one has to step back and accept the proposal from someone else and because you feel that your idea is the best and most valuable, you feel it should win the day. Even though your organism is resilient, you at times show a certain predisposition for blood circulation of blood which manifests itself by cooling of the feet and hands.

But when you start going out in the fresh air, the problems seem to clear. Because you are phlegmatic, you can show a predisposition for laziness which comes out more clearly if you are undeveloped. You need to direct your thoughts to healthy expansion as it will positively influence your organism. Your lucky color is blue, which is a color of loyalty.

It is also a full and deep color that is normally associated with so many things. It can easily combine with other colors, making a cool, relaxing and calming effect. Other colors that might be lucky for you include red, orange and crimson. Your lucky numbers are 47, 27, 18, 15, 7, 1, with being your power number.

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Your lucky animal is Proboscis Monkey. Your lucky professions are a doctor, structural engineer, and tailor. Your lucky plant is Magnolia tree.

Leo Weekly Horoscope February 5-12 2018 Astrology & Tarot

Your lucky stone is Chalcedony. You have very many positive traits, but your optimism surpasses them all. It is very easy for the people around you to get jaded as you get older. It is easy for you to look at what is missing instead of what is currently working for you. You look at the glass with a half water not as if the amount of water is less, but as a base which you will use as a building block. On the negative, you tend to attract people who are out to use you; the freeloaders.

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They are going to join your group of work and take the credit from you without having to do a single job. It might seem to be very annoying but you find your love life to be messier. You tend to attract a lot of users, losers, and abusers. You will need to do yourself a favor by trying to show these people your negative side so that they get off your hook.

Show them that at times, you can be unpleasant, a jerk, or be mean from time to time. This might just scare them instead of them using and abusing you. When you are faced with various struggles, there is nothing more uplifting to you than giving yourself out. Your giving is in terms of ideas, but it can also be in terms of sharing your money and other resources. You will need to do yourself a great favor and ensure that, you only help those who are not going to harm you in return. Be choosy when it comes to doing things to people around you.

This is true especially when you are in a romantic relationship. If your partner is not holding out to their side of the bargain, open the door and walk away. You are liked by many people and this means that you have a lot of friends.

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Characteristics and Personality of February 5 You love being surrounded by others, exchanging new ideas and at the same time, communicating with all types of people. February 5 Zodiac sign — Aquarius Because of being born on February 5, Aquarius is your zodiac sign and it is the one that makes you a dreamer.

Love and Relationships for February 5 When Aquariums fall in love, they will talk about it to everyone that cares to listen to them. February 5 Planetary Influence The planet that governs yours is Uranus. February 5 Element You are paired with air as your element. Career and Purpose of February 5 Because of your birthday falling on February 5, you tend to make great architects, engineers, and designers.

Luck and significance of February 5 Your lucky color is blue, which is a color of loyalty. February 5 Positive Traits You have very many positive traits, but your optimism surpasses them all. February 5 Negative Traits On the negative, you tend to attract people who are out to use you; the freeloaders. They also tend to live in uncertainty, subjected to unpleasant life experiences. A child born on this day is quite fearful and withdrawn, they enjoy solitude and count only on themselves, more so than would be good for them.

For when they spend too much time with themselves — they can fall into dangers of a certain melancholy, excessive reflexivity or indecisiveness. Their organism is quite resilient, bit they show a certain predisposition for slow blood circulation, which manifests itself in cooling of their hands and feet. There can be significant changes for the better in this area when they start going out into fresh air, among the trees, beautiful sights and harmonious surroundings.

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Birthday Horoscope February 5th Aquarius, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate February

Because they are somehow phlegmatic — they can also show a certain predisposition for laziness which comes out more clearly in undeveloped individuals. They should also direct their thoughts to activity, health, expansion — that will positively influence their organism. They are generally liked and have a lot of friends.

If your birthday is on February 5 your zodiac sign is Aquarius. Go to the next page and see most famous February 5 Birthdays. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Daily horoscope. Birthday Horoscope.

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